Saturday, 20 April 2013

The result of the Venezuelan elections, and its implications 

The result of the Venezuelan elections was a surprise, and it emphasises the danger of building a revolution around the charismatic personality of one man. Perhaps the supporters of Hugo Chavez were complacent, and did not go to vote, or they were so much in shock, and filled with grief at his untimely and unexpected passing that they lost faith. In other words were depressed. The result also shows how much the revolution was reliant on Chavez. No one is without fault, and one of Chavez’s was he hogged the whole stage of the Bolivarian revolution. This of course could have been a ploy to attract attention to his cause. But did he go too far. Should he have tried to be more conciliatory to the United States, though I recognize this was difficult with the knee jerk attitude they took towards him, and his revolution. Why do I say this? Well one thought has been swirling around my head. Though I have no doubt about the proficiency of the Cuban doctors, and that they did their very best to save him. If he could have been treated in the USA with their advance medical techniques, would he be alive today, but that is probably wish full thinking.
One thing though is clear all those who care about human suffering, and justice in Venezuela, should do all they can to support Nicolas Maduro to continue what Chavez started. Long live the Bolivarian revolution, long live socialism, and let as not forget Comandante Hugo Chavez.

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